ADI Coaching

Safeway Rider is a specialist in instructor training & provides training for all parts of the exams. Being ORDIT registered we provide excellent training to the prospective ADI's

• Learn more about coaching and its benefits over standard instruction?
• Integrate coaching into your work as an ADI?
• Help your clients to learn more easily and quickly?

Safeway Rider School of motoring will provide you with an insight into coaching and its benefits.

Through presentations, active group work and video demonstrations, various coaching techniques can be used in driving instruction.

You can also enhance your profile, increase your lesson prices and most importantly improve the safety and understanding of your learners by introducing coaching to your business.

Spend a day with three of the highest qualified ORDIT registered ADI Coaches.

This course is designed to introduce and equip ADI's with the latest driver coaching techniques. Our workshop has been developed specifically for ADI's by ADI's. From this personal experience, we can show you how to use certain coaching techniques in your driving instruction.