Instructor Training

Safeway Rider is a specialist in instructor training & provides training for all parts of the exams. Being ORDIT registered we provide excellent training to the prospective ADI's

·        Have you the ability to become a Driving Instructor?

·        Can you deal with the daily frustration of life out there on our roads?

·        Have you the patience to teach in the face of overwhelming odds?

·        Have you the social skills needed to interact with pupils from all sections of our society?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then come and join us. We are official registered and approved by DSA to provide this training. We can train you in a new skill for life that is both rewarding and profitable.


Our training curriculum is designed to prepare for each of the qualifying examinations and our fees include all your study aids, and use of training vehicle if required.  You will receive the highest standard of training needed to pass your tests.  We want you to succeed!

Part 1

The Part 1 examination will consist of 100 multiple choice questions, these are split into 4 categories, and an overall pass mark of 85% is required to pass, at the same time you will be expected to pass a Hazard Perception Test. This will give you the chance to achieve a score of 75 but only 57 are needed to pass this element at present.  You need to pass both parts in order to take your Part 2 test. We hold theory study classes in our modem computer equipped classroom, you will be required to attend at least 7 classes out of 12. You will also be provided with course work to study at home.  Our very experienced Training Instructors will support you through out your training.

Part 2

The Part 2 required very high standard of driving to pass the test. Duration of this test is approximately 1 hour, covering all types of road and and traffic conditions, including the motorway and dual carriageways.  You must drive to an extremely high standard, only six minor faults are allowed during the test. You must pass this test before being allowed to take Part 3. This driving test is very different from the test you took to get your first full license

Make no mistake: this is not the driving test you took years ago! This is a high standards driving test, the Driving Standards Agency rightly demands and expects the best. 

Part 2 Consists up to 20 hours driving tuition; this is usually complete in two hourly sessions with your own personal training instructor. Our highly qualified instructors will assess you on all types of roads including teaching and demonstrating each manoeuvre.  These include:

*Emergency Stop

*Turn in the road

*Reverse to the left

*Reverse to the right

*Reverse parking

*You may need to demonstrate your ability to reverse into an empty parking bay

When you have passed this test you can then decide on a Probationary Driving Instructors license (PDI) which requires 40 hours of training for part 3 to obtain the trainee licence and additional 20 hours training in first 3 months of this license.

The “PDI” license is valid for 6 months and allows you to gain valuable teaching experience before taking Part 3 or you can bypass thePDI” license and apply for Part 3 immediately.

Part 3

Part 3 teaches you the skills to instruct unskilled, semi skilled and fully skilled pupils.  Knowledge gained for Part 1 and Part 2 is invaluable for your Part 3, yes! Fully skilled pupils still need training!  This test needs full and adequate training from top qualified Instructors.  You must be ready and prepared!

The Part 3 test lasts for about 1 hour; your Examiner will role-play either an untrained or partly trained pupil before switching in the second half of the test to playing a fully trained pupil.

Training for Part 3 will be approximately 20 sessions of 2 hours duration for each session.  Part 3 training must be signed off before the Driving Standard Agency will accept you for the Part 3 test.  This is the most challenging test and the candidates must be properly trained!

You will share your training experience with other trainee instructors.  WHY? Because training at such high levels gives you support not only from your trainer but from your colleagues learning with you.

Tuitions Fees

Part 2/Part 3 Lessons can be paid for separately at £30.00 per lesson.

An additional *£300.00 is payable to the Driving Standards Agency upon successful completion of your Part 3 test for your license/registration.  You will be removed from the register if you fail to renew your license every 4 years.

There are no hidden extras, what is listed is what you get; the only extra is masses of encouragement!

Finance & Job Prospects

Payment for the course can be paid either at the beginning of each part or in full before the training starts.  The Driving Standards Agency fee is payable prior to booking the test.  Additional training is charged at an hourly rate of £30.00.

Financial Assistance is available through the Career Development loans Scheme: interests and payments can be over 2 years to allow course completion and the opportunity for you to create a rewarding income.

We offer Franchise positions to our successful candidates if requested at VERY competitive rates.

For a quotation of the complete ADI course please contact us and Join our successful team today.


*fees which are shown may change by the DSA (registration fee of £300.00 is a separate payment to the DSA)