Theory & Practical Tests

Safeway Rider is a specialist in instructor training & provides training for all parts of the exams. Being ORDIT registered we provide excellent training to the prospective ADI's

Step 1 The Theory and Hazard Perception Test

We offer classroom training for the written exam.
You are given a manual and full support is offered
Safeway Rider provide Manuals that can be studied at home in your spare time, and 1 to 1 unlimited personal training with freephone support.
You will then sit a written test with UNLIMITED attempts.

Step 2 The Driving Test

People who respond to Driving Instructor adverts are generally experienced drivers, most have driven for many years with no accidents, but it's fair to say we all pick up 'bad' habits along the way. Safeway Rider will firstly assess your driving and then structure a 1 to 1 training course to re-educate your driving skills, you then have 3 attempts at passing our driving test.

Step 3 The Test of Ability to Instruct

This test in conducted in the car, the examiner takes on the role of pupil, you take on the role of instructor. This test lasts for 1 hr, the examiner is looking for both Instructional and Observational Skills. You have 3 attempts at this exam.

Tthe examiner needs to see a high standard of tuition, none of us are born with these skills they need to be learn't and developed.

How do I prepare for step 3 as it sounds more difficult that steps 1 & 2?

Most Training Organisations are NOT Driving Schools and to prepare you for step 3 they offer you training perhaps in classroom or in a car with others. However, when this course is complete you are sometimes advised to take a friend or member of the family out in your car to DEVELOP the basic knowledge you have recently learnt. Thereby GAIN experience in preparation for your Part 3 Instructional Ability Exam.

Taking into account the knowledge that's required to pass the written exam and the high standards needed to pass the driving test, in our experience it would seem that the biggest hurdle to usually overcome is the 3rd exam (step 3), the test of ability to instruct. With so many candidates failing this exam it is important that you receive the correct training and have enough practice to develop the neccessary  skills.