Fleet Training

Safeway Rider School of Motoring in Bradford have a number of qualified Fleet Driver Training Instructors

Fleet Driver Training

Fleet driver training is aimed at reducing the personal and financial costs to a company of road traffic accidents involving staff and the public, and is compulsory for businesses employing 5 or more drivers (staff or contractors).

Safeway Rider SOM offer in-car assessments and training, raising the awareness of the individual driver to their responsibilities.

Key Benefits

* Fuel Saving - With the correct driving style you can reduce fuel consumption by 10 - 15%

* Insurance Savings - After training, your drivers are less likely to be involved in a collision, therefore reducing insurance premiums.

* Maintenance Savings - Driving in a fuel efficient and safe manner reduces the stress put on vehicles, reducing the number of breakdowns and maintanence costs.

* Duty of Care - The training course identifies risk areas and provides appropriate training, so you can be assured that you are carrying out your duty of care to your employees and the public.