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1. How do I get my first provisional driving licence?

You need an Application form D1 and a form D750, both available at the Post Office. Send them completed with two passport-sized photos to the DVLA Swansea with some form of acceptable ID (like a passport) and the fee of £50.00.

2. What do I bring for my first driving lesson?

You! Your driving licence too, of course. You must have this in your possession before lessons can start. If you need glasses, wear them! You should be able to read a car number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres. Sunglasses are good, especially for winter evenings when the sun is low. Comfortable clothes are better, soft rather than hard shoes.

3. How many lessons will it take me to learn?

Research referred to by the Driving Standards Agency tells us candidates who take around 40 hours of professional training and back it up with plenty of extra practice stand the best chance of passing their test. This does not mean you will not do it in less, or you may even need more. Be sure your instructor is teaching you to drive, not just allowing you to learn test routes off by heart. It is your safety and your future, look after it.

4. Can I take lessons in my own car?

We will not take complete newcomers in their own vehicle. Without dual controls, we consider it an unnecessary risk. If at a later stage, you want to transfer to your own vehicle, and it is fully insured for instruction, then there is no reason why not. Fees remain the same.

5. How will I know when I'm ready for my test?

You will know! Your instructor will help you to become self-critical, and recognise any faults you have. He/She will also explain the set exercises sufficiently for you to know what is required and show you how to monitor them. Discussion concerning test timing is welcomed, and should be frank on both sides. Your training should include a mock driving test in the latter stages, to confirm your strengths and weaknesses. You should feel secure with your skills. If you are unprepared the test will show this up, and you may fail.

6 & 7. How do I book a theory test? and How do I book a practical test?

The easy way: ring 0300 200 1122 with your driving licence details and a current credit card handy. An operative will guide you through the procedure. The hard way is to lay siege on your local test centre for a postal form, but this can become a protracted process.

8. Do I have to take my test at the nearest test centre?

No. If you live in Leeds it makes sense to take your test somewhere familiar to you, but you could take it in Manchester or in London if you wished.

9. How much does a test cost?

Theory tests are currently charged at £31.00, daytime practical tests £62.00. Take your practical test in the evening or at a weekend and it will cost you £75.00.

10. How long does the driving test last?

Usually about 40 minutes.

11. What car will I have to drive on my test?

Usually, the car you learned in. If not, then as close a substitute as the Driving School can find, if your regular vehicle should break down. You can elect to use your own car, if you prefer.

12. When I have passed my test, do I have to pay for my full licence?

£12.50 for your first full licence.

13. After I have passed my test, do I have to wait for my full licence to come through before I can drive?

No, you can drive yourself out of the test centre, if your car is insured properly. The pass certificate is your qualification. Keep a note of your driver number (that's the number on your provisional licence which begins with the first five letters of your surname) and the number on your pass certificate when you send your pass certificate away to get a full licence. They may be needed for documentation purposes and make a record in case your application gets lost.