Mr Joe Hunter, Bradford

"Was a nervous driver when I first started but after passing my test at the first attempt, you can not keep me off the road. A huge thanks to the Safeway Team, in particlar Mr. Shah for his patience"


Mr. Andrew Shaw, Leeds

"Learning from Safeway Rider School of Motoring was not only fun, but the whole team supported me throughout the journey. A great company with a unique customer focused approach to driving, which is most refreshing in todays climate".


 Mr. Atif, Bradford

No one looks after the Asian community better than Safeway Rider. Their training Centre has teaching in different languages and people who help you to understand and answer questions. Local people should learn to drive with Safeway Rider SOM.

Testimoials From All Over West Yorkshire

I would recommend Safeway Rider to other local people as they are particularly helpful, which is what you need when you have a lot to learn.

Rachel J 

I will recommend Safeway Rider to everyone because they are very reliable. My previous driving instructor went on holiday without letting me know, just before my test. I found Safeway Rider and they provided me with a very good instructor and a car of my choice.

Muhammed K

I had my training for an ADI from this school and must say that they were great in every aspect, helpful, supportive and very informative.

Peter R

This has been translated for me as I am Zabida and unable to read a single work of Urdu or English. Safeway Rider is helping me very much. I am still a student, and want to learn to drive for my children. I joined this Centre 4 weeks ago. Now I understand how to use a computer and use a mouse. Hopefully within a couple of weeks I will pass my Theory with their help. Don't think that there's no one to help you if you are in this situation - everyone here is so nice, polite and helpful.

Zabida B 

I would like to recommend Safeway Rider to other local people because the staff are helpful and there when you need them.

Saima S 

I was finding it hard to pass Theory. Safeway Rider was recommended and I came to use the centre. They were so helpful and explained in detail and I understood.

Rupinder K

Safeway Rider are polite and helpful - and straight to the point.

Iram A

Safeway Riders are very helpful, especially Samayra who is friendly and supportive.

Muhammad A 

Great people to learn with and very informative.

Claire B 

I learnt my driving from this school and passed first time. They were very helpful.

Becky L 

Very helpful and kind to work and learn with.

Satnam R  

I recommend because they help you alot until you pass your theory. They help a lot of people and make you understand things better.

Hafsa B

They are very good at teaching and are very successful. I would recommend Safeway Rider.

Tasleem A

Safeway Rider SOM has helped me with Hazard Perception and Theory. I am very happy with all the staff who have been so helpful.

Saira B  

Safeway Rider has a really good way of helping you in both Theory and Hazard Perception, and driving skills. I am enjoying learning to drive very much.

Nusrat N

I have been a Theory student for 2 weeks and my teacher is helping me very much. When I first came I was so confused and found it difficult, but the way they teach here is excellent. Now after 2 weeks I am so confident. The staff are very nice and are available all the time. A really nice environment too. I will recommend Safeway Rider to everyone - both for Theory and lessons.

Ghazala J 

I am from India (Gujrat) my first language is Gujrati. I feel very embarassed to go for my Theory but the staff at Safeway Rider are very helpful. They teach in a very good way. I passed my Theory in 4 weeks. I would recommend anyone to come and join Safeway Rider SOM.

Firozailays S

I enjoyed my time at safeway rider driving school. I had an excellent driving instructor - I found him very patient and informative.

Aisha K

At Safeway Rider they provide excellent service - I would certainly recommend them.

Nilam A

Their service is very good. I took theory lessons from Safeway Rider. They explained everything to me very well in a way that you could not forget what they had taught. My driving instructor, Ali Akbar is outstanding, and is also from Safeway Rider. Thank you Safeway Rider for all your help and the services you provide to the community.

Safia B 

They are very helpful and very supportive in helping you reach your goal so quickly.