Theory Test

We provide Theory Test preparation services in various languages along with books and CD's.

Come and join us as we take you through your Theory Test step by step guaranteeing your success!

Our range of services include;

Home study

If you're able to get your head down and study, then this is the most cost effective method.
Go and buy the official question bank and study the Highway Code.

Classroom Tuition

For those who find studying a bit of a pain, you may wish to opt for a classroom environment. With the help of video, OHPs and handouts, the specially trained Driving Instructors are able to pass on all the informaton required to PASS the written test.

Computer Based Packages

Using an interactive CD ROM and a PC, you are able to study all 14 sections covered by the written test, referring back to the Highway Code for the official rules, then randomly generate mock tests to prove your knowledge before you take the real test.