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ORDIT is a register of Driving Instructor Trainers and training establishments which have been inspected by the DSA to ensure that they reach minimum standards. It is not compulsory for trainers to register. To achieve an entry in the ORDIT register, an instructor training organisation has to reach ceretain minimum standards.

The fact that an instructor trainer is on the register does not guarantee that the training is good value for money. Being on the register only relates to the standard of training. The DSA does not check an organisation's financial standing and inclusion in the register does not guarantee its financial stability. In the event of a contract dispute, the DSA will not usually intervene. Each entry lists the name, address and telephone number of the establishment, together with the name of the contact point (normally the person in control who may be the principal or manager) and the tested trainers, with the elements of training inspected shown in brackets.

The code against each establishment entry under the heading "Training Offered" indicates:

The subjects covered which have received approval:

1 = ADI part 1 (the written exam)
2 = ADI part 2 (the driving ability test)
3 = ADI part 3 (the instructional ability test)
R = ADI retraining

The types of course offered:
F = Full time course
P = Part time course
C = Classroom
D = Distance learning course
A = Residential accommodation service

If an establishment is offering courses that are not listed in their entry, it is likely that these have not been approved.

Any person who has a complaint about the standard of training from a trainer on the ORDIT register that cannot be settledwith the establishment itself, may write to the DSA ORDIT Team. The DSA is not responsible itself for the training provided.